We don’t need to talk about Kevin

11 Jun

Barry Cassidy, you are a clever man and I have huge respect for your journalism. But seriously, why, WHY would you do this to us again?

In this ABC article, Cassidy once again exhumes the rotting political corpse of Kevin Rudd and uses bits of him to bait the vulturous media and start another carnivorous feeding frenzy over the almost-dead Labor party.

It’s one thing to analyse the failure of the Labor party and call into question the future of the progressive left in Australia (check out Tim Soutphommasane’s thought-provoking and  constructive writing about this issue), but to simply say Julia is Dead and So We Must Have Kevin is possibly the most pathetic, defeated battle cry I’ve ever heard. To think that there is no hope for the left with its current leadership and so we must return to the former leadership seems to be the most spectacular failure of imagination and inspiration. A party that chases its tail after promising not to every 6 months for the last three years looks as weak and confused as it undoubtedly is.

Kevin offers no solution and we need to stop pretending he does. Is there really no one with vision who could do to that job? Shorten, Wong – I will happily read and think about alternatives but please, for the love of God, let’s stop talking about Kevin.

Kevin Rudd

Also I still can’t look at him without thinking of an icecream.


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