And the Mountains Echoed… Loudly, for a couple of days, until we moved onto the next bestseller

28 May

There is a new Khaled Hosseini book out, and I have to get hold of a copy.

Hosseini is the kind of guilty pleasure that isn’t really that guilty: its general acceptability as reasonable-quality not-quite-literature means I feel snob-guilt about its guilty pleasure status. Guilt for feeling guilt.
Let’s put it this way: If Dan Brown is the McDonald’s of reading, (irrationally appealing, quick, cheap, oily and followed immediately by a sense of regret), Khaled Hosseini is my Crust pizza. Still quick and easy, but with more of a lingering satisfaction and with the added benefit of offering at least one evening’s lazy debate about which flavour/title is the essential choice for a Tuesday night.
So far, A Thousand Splendid Suns is my Supreme; Kite Runner is more of a Moroccan Chicken. I’ll let you know what those mountains taste like if and when I get a chance.


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